4G LTE Outdoor Gateway with WiFi

Feature Summary
  • Cellular Gateway for outdoor LTE WiFi Hotspot applications
  • 1x embedded LTE module with dual-SIM for failover
  • 1x10/100/1000 LAN PoE-enabled port for local network connectivity
  • 802.11n 2T2R with 10 dBi directional Antenna
  • Build-in 4G LTE omni-antenna
  • Captive Portal Supported
  • Hardware VPN supported
  • QoS and Bandwidth management
  • SNMP, Web, and TR069. SMS for administrator to manage system
  • IP 55 anti-UV housing
  • Design for WISP system integrator and telecom application
The AirMax4GW is a standalone 4G LTE outdoor gateway that can distribute 4G or 3G Internet signal through WiFi or Ethernet connections in any location. It is equipped with high gain LTE and WiFi antennas for better reception and transmitting distance.
Bridge between WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G/3G Networks
The AirMax4GW bridges the connections between WiFi, Ethernet, and the 4G LTE Mobile Network. With AirMax4GW, you can connect any WiFi or Ethernet equipped devices to the broadband Internet. On the other hand, you can also provide Internet service coverage through WiFi in any locations.
Hardware Diagram
Dual High Gain Antennas
The AirMax4GW features high gain and high sensitivity 4G LTE antennas. So it can receive 4G or 3G mobile signal where normal mobile phone can not. In addition, it also has a high gain WiFi antenna which can send out wireless signal over large area. This is ideal for operators to install Internet service or connect networking devices to the Internet for their customers.
Remote IPCAM Installations
If you want to install IP cameras in remote locations or in places where it is difficult to get Internet connections, the AirMax4GW is your best solution. AirMax4GW connects the IP cameras to remote recording server and let users do video live view anywhere from Internet. It can do so very securely by using the built-in VPN function.
Internet for Vacation Home and Cottages
In many countries, people have vacation home or cottages in remote area where it is difficult to deploy wired Internet. AirMax4GW can be installed on the roof top where it can get the best 4G/3G signal reception, then bring the Internet signal through Ethernet cable to the home. Best of all, AirMax4GW's built-in 300Mbps MIMO Wi-Fi can provide wireless connectivity to the entire outdoor area for wireless IP cameras, notebook PC or tablets.
Hotspot Deployment
The AirMax4GW is the easiest way to deploy Wi-Fi hotspot services. There is no limitation on wiring distance or location of Internet source. It is ready for deployment in any locations. Furthermore, it support 802.1X, UAM server, and URL redirection for easy integration with the operator's authentication network.
Internet Service for Events
When there is Internet service needed for outdoor events such as outdoor concerts, camping, sports event, flea market, business summit,and fairs; the AirMax4GW is the perfect solution for quick deployment. Its powerful and sensitive antennas can receive 4G/3G signal far better than mobile phones and deliver the WiFi over large area.
Parks, Camping Site, and Golf Course
The AirMax4GW is the best solution to provide WiFi internet in locations where wires are either prohibited or expensive to deploy. This can be for vacation homes, park, camping site, golf course, or city wide WiFi service deployment.
Policy Based Bandwidth QoS Firewall
AirMax4GW's enterprise class firewall let administrators control the user's access exactly as needed. You can define the bandwidth and QoS for each device and user to guarantee or limit the bandwidth. You can limit access to certain website or ban certain P2P application from running.
Secured VPN Connection
The AirMax4GW's VPN function provide secure video transmission over VPN encryption. Therefore, you do not need to worry about leaking sensitive information and keep live video image from prying eyes. Administrators has the choice of using IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, or GRE protocols for encryption.
Captive Portal and External UAM server
The captive Portal function will redirect wireless users to a specific remote landing web page where provider can show their service information and request users to enter their login information. Together with external 802.1x radius server support, it provides the possibility for WISP and Telecom vendor for authentication based Internet service.
Versatile Management
The AirMax4GW can be managed via Web, TR069, SNMP, and CLI commands. It provides the operators their preferred way for managing the device.
SMS Short Message
The AirMax4GW allow the administrators to send basic commands and get status via SMS message. Therefore, the operators do not need to know the device's IP address and still able to do simple managements and check status with the AirMax4GW.
Port and Connectors

MDM9225 (3G/4G)
MTK RT5592 (WiFi)
WAN Port
Embedded LTE Module with 2 SIM slot
LTE Band: 800Mz (Band 20)/900 Mhz( Band 8)/1800Mhz (Band 3)/2600Mhz (Band 7)
3G Band : 900/2100MHz
LAN Port
10/100/1000M (Auto-MDI/MDI-X) UTP Port x 1
10 dBi Directional (WiFi)
2 x 3 dBi Onmi Antenna (LTE)
2 x SMA connector for External LTE
Frequency Range
  - 2.4000~2.4835GHz
WiFi Operation Mode
AP Router
WDS Hybrid Modes
Wireless Security
Network Setup Wizard
VPN Setup Wizard
Network Status
  - WAN IPv4 status
  - WAN IPv6 status
  - LAN interface status
  - 3G/4G modem status
  - Internet Traffic Status
Wifi Status
  - WiFi Virtual AP List
  - Wifi Traffic Status
LAN Client List
  - Wifi Traffic Status
Firewall Status
  - Packet Filters
  - URL Blocking
  - Web Content Fikters
  - MAC Control
  - Application Filters
  - IPS
  - Options
VPN Status
  - IPSec Status
  - PPTP Server Status
  - PPTP Client Status
  - L2TP Server Status
  - L2TP Client Status
System management Status
  - SNMP Linking Status
  - SNMP Trap Information
  - TR-069 Status
  - UPNP Status
Basic Network
  - Physical Interface
  - Internet Setup
  - Ethernet LAN
  - VLAN
  - WPS Setup
  - Enable WiFi
  - WiFi Operation Mode
  - Green AP
  - Multiple AP Names
  - Time Schedule
  - Network SSID & Broadcast
  - WLAN Partition
  - Channel
  - WiFi System
  - Authentication
  - Encryption
  - Wireless Client List
  - Beacon Interval
  - DTIM Interval
  - RTS Threshold
  - Fragmentation
  - WMM
  - Short GI
  - Tx Rate
  - RF Bandwidth
  - Transmit Power
  - IPv6 Configuration
  - 6to4 WAN Type Configuration
  - LAN Configuration
  - Address Auto-configuration
  - NAT Loopback
  - Virtual Server
  - Special AP & ALG
  - DMZ
  - static routing
  - Dynamic Routing
DHCP Server
Advanced Netework
  - Packet Filters
  - URL Blocking
  - Web Content Filter
  - MAC Control
  - Application Filters
  - IPS
  - Options
  - Bandwitdth of Upstream
  - Bandwitdth of Downstream
  - Total Connection Session
  - Rule-based QoS
  - IPSec
  - PPTP
  - L2TP
  - GRE
Mobile Application
  - SMS
  - USSD
  - Network Scan
  - Remote Mangement
Captive Portal
  - Remote Mangement
System related
  - Change Password
  - System Web Log
  - System Tools
Schedule Setting
External Servers
  - V1/V2c/V3/ Trap
  - Status checking
  - Connect
  - Dissconnect
  - Reconnect
  - Reboot
  - WAN Link up Notification
WiFi Output Power (EIRP)
  - 2.4GHz : 19±1dBm
Receive Sensitivity
  - -90±2dBm
Power Supply
802.3at PoE Input
  - -20~60 ℃
  - -40~85 ℃

Software & Firmware

  • AirMax4GW version 0LSD0.1003_08030900 Details 2015/08/21
  • AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Details 2016/04/25

AirMax4GW 4G LTE Outdoor Gateway with WiFi
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
AirMax4GW 4719869617781 14719869617788
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 45 x 15.5 x 9.5 cm
Package Weight 1.12 kg
Package Content AirMax4GW, Mounting Kit, Quick Installation Guide, User Manual CD
Carton Package
Quantity 5
Dimensions 50 x 48 x 19.5 cm
Weight 6.905 kg