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125Mbps* Turbo-G Wireless ADSL2/2+ Router
Turbo-G Wireless 4-port ADSL Modem Router
ADSL/ ADSL 2/ADSL 2+/ADSL 2+M Capability
CD auto Setup Wizard based on Country and ISP
Annex A, B, M, L, I supports
125Mbps Turbo-G Wireless Chipset
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he AirLive WT-2000ARM is a powerful wireless router with integrated ADSL modem. For users whose ISP offers USB ADSL modems that make IP sharing difficult or for those who prefer all-in-one design, the WT-2000ARM provides the complete wireless IP sharing solution with the renown AirLive user friendly interface and elegant housing. Just plug in the ADSL line into the router, the entire wired and wireless IP sharing network is instantly established.
Automatic Installation Program
Traditionally, setting up an ADSL modem router will require user to input parameters such as Encapsulation, VPI, VCI, Handshake protocols and more.... This procedure intimidate average users who might find the parameter values difficult to obtain. With the CD setup Wizard, you no longer have to deal with the complex ADSL parameters. Just follow the setup about the country and ISP you are using and enter the ISP's login and password. Then the router is ready to work. If your country or ISP is not on the list, just tell us, we can add them in the future release.
125Mbps Turbo-G Wireless Architecture

The router is equipped four 10/100Mbps LAN ports with Auto MDI/MID-X function. But for those who prefers to forgo wires together. AirLive has integrated fast Turbo-G wireless solution into the device. This mean it can achieve up to 1.5X the speed of normal 802.11g devices with Turbo-G or MIMO-G cards. It is also fully backward compatible with legacy 802.11g/b wireless devices.

Global ADSL Compatibility

G.DMT and G.Lite are supported for connections up to 8Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream. Annex A and Annex B/UR2 are available for ADSL over conventional telephone or ISDN lines. In addition, the router features PPPoA and PPTP client to ensure compatibility with Alcatel DSLAM and PPTP users.


In addition to current ADSL 8Mbps ADSL spec. The WT-2000ARM is also compatible with the 12Mbps ADSL2 and 24Mbps ADSL2+ spec. Therefore, the WT-2000ARM is not only ready for today, but also for tomorrow's ADSL standards.

ESD and Power Surge Protection

The WT-2000ARM is designed to perform reliably in adverse power and weather condition. The built-in Electrostatic Discharge Protection circuit minimize the effect of static electricity in the stormy weather environment. Each WT-2000ARM comes with full range switching power supply to protect the equipment from uneven voltage. Although these extra protection increase costs, the extra protection they bring will reduce the long term service and maintenance cost.

Driver Download
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  Compact size, Double transfer rate then 802.11g standard  
  Turbo-G PCI Adapter  
  Double transfer rate then 802.11g standard NIC  
  Turbo-G Wireless Router  
  Turbo-G high performance wireless Router  
  Turbo-G Wireless Access Point  
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  5dBi Rubber Dipole Antenna  
  Improve your wireless signal indoor  
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  8dBi Rubber Dipole Antenna  
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