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Auto Light Sensor Wireless-G Multi-Profile IP Camera
Auto-sensor LED for Operation In Complete Darkness
2.5/3G Mobile Phone Live Viewing
Supported Two-Way Audio with Built-in Microphone
Simultaneous motion Jepg & MPEG4 Dual Streaming
Excellent Image Quality With Up to 30 FPS in all resolutions
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he WL-2000CAM is an IP camera designed for high-level video imaging experience that generates MPEG-4 and M-JPEG streaming. With auto light sensor, its automatic night mode offers superior low light performance. It offers support for UPnP which makes seamless device connection and easy installation.
Full Function Wireless Camera

AirLive Wireless IP Cameras are designed for Home or Enterprise customers who demand performance with the latest technologies for mobility and functionality. It features simple plug-and-play installation and easy wireless operation that allows it to be placed anywhere effortlessly. The web-based configuration allows viewing the image from the Internet and various security functions such as video recording to a TFTP server. The 802.11g standard allows the camera to operate at 30 FPS and up to 640x480 VGA resolution. The 802.11g models add WPA support for even more secure data encryption.

Motion JPEG & MPEG-4 Compression Format

The WL-2000CAM is an advanced wireless IP camera with Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 capabilities. Using automatic light adjustment, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 dual output stream allows for good compression performance with low bit rates and bandwidth requirements.

Versatile Application

This auto light sensor IP camera comes equipped with many advanced features suitable for all types of applications. The camera supports FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP and many other Internetrelated protocols for remote surveillance. Motion detection with up to three sensors enables optimal performance of video detection by capturing images and sending those images for e-mail notification. With built-in auto-sensor LEDs that allow viewing objects in the dark, the WL-2000CAM constantly delivers superior image detail in any environment.

2-Way Audio Communication

The WL-2000CAM supports 2-way audio with use of the built-in microphone and separate computer speakers which allows for real-time voice communication between the camera and PC.

Language Pack Feature

This camera also comes with upgradeable device language pack offering seven different languages for user-friendly operation. These languages include Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, and more.

View from Mobile Phone

The RTSP protocol feature allows 3G and 2.5G mobile phones to display captured images from the camera for live video surveillance from a remote location. With automatic light adjustment that eliminates bit rate problems caused by poor night time performance, WL-2000CAM is the perfect answer to remotely monitoring your house while out traveling.

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