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POE-100 Family
Power Over Ethernet Kits
Power Over Ethernet package
Deliver Power and Data over Ethernet Cable
Perfect for IPCAM or Wireless AP Installation
IEEE 802.3af compliant for up to 100 meter
12V, 9V, or 5V DC output
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(1) Power Adapter

Full Range Adapter
Output Voltage: 48Vdc, 0.4A
AC Power Cord included

(2) DC Injector/Base Unit
Input Voltage: 48Vdc, 0.4A
- Input Data Port: RJ-45
- Input Power Port
- Output PoE port : RJ-45
(3) Splitter/Terminal Unit
Output Voltage
- Model POE-112TU: 12Vdc
- Model POE-109TU: 9Vdc
- Model POE-105TU: 5Vdc (at 2.4A)
- Ouput Data Port: RJ-45
- Ouput Power Port
- Input PoE port : RJ-45
(4) DC Power Cord
Connect the output power port of the
Terminal Unit to the power input of the
electronic device
  5Vdc/2.4A output POE Package  
  9Vdc/1.3A output POE Package  
  12Vdc/1A output POE Package  
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