1-port Parallel Print Server
Advance parallel print server
Windows, Netware, Linux, Mac OS, and Unix support
Support LPR, IPP, SMB/TCP, Raw Printing and Unix Logical printing protocols
Support Web-based management and Windows Configuration Utility
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he new AirLive Advanced Print Server series is the culmination of OvisLink Corp.'s years of experience with print server technology. It has integrated all the conceivable advance technologies and ideas from our end user's wish list. If you think this is just another ordinary print server, please read on to see the revolution it has brought to printer sharing.
Parallel port
AirLive P-201 is a printer server equipped with 1 parallel port. This combination means you can print out faster and more reliable than before. Furthermore, multi-protocol support that includes TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI and AppleTalk protocols ensure compatibility with most Windows, Unix, and Macintosh-based platforms.
Simple Installation Wizard
Traditionally, installing a print server is a somewhat complicated process. But OvisLink Corp. has made the installation of P-201 extremely simple. The CD's installation wizard guide you through the installation of your print server and printer drivers. Then, if you prefer to configure it without the wizard, the UPnP function makes the print server immediately visible on your computer's "My Network Neighbor". So you can point and click on it without the need to know the IP address settings.
Internet Printing
IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) Printing provides a convenient way of remote printing service by TCP/IP. The print server can support IPP printing by default. It is needless to do any setting. Any PC that can support IPP printing, for example Windows 2000/XP, can directly uses the print server by IP. By using the IPP printing, you can share the printer to all the PC’s that can access the print server by IP. You can even share your printer to Internet users.
Support Peer-to-Peer and Server-Based Printing
Supports both Peer-to-Peer and Server-based printing. LAN clients can connect directly with the print server to execute printing jobs (Peer-to-Peer printing); or clients can send print jobs first to a server (queuing jobs) and allow the server to connect with the print server to execute the printing jobs (Server-based printing).
Supports DHCP Server/Client

The printer server can act as a DHCP server, allowing your LAN clients to automatically obtain an IP address or it can act as a DHCP client allowing a easy integration to your existing network.

Are you still using dedicated PC for printer sharing? Or Are you intimated by the complexity of print server setup? Buy AirLive's advance print servers and experience a whole new way to share your printers.

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