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N450R N450R N450R Specification
750Mbps Wireless-N Beam-forming IPv6 Gigabit Router
3T3R Beam Forming Radios
Current 450Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps at 2.4GHz, Combined 750Mbps Throughput
2 x USB ports for external storage and 3G dongles*
Support file sharing through Samba and FTP servers
4 x Gigabit LAN + 1 x Gigabit WAN ports
Support WAN and 3G/4G Failover or Load Sharing
IPCAM Plug-n-Play with AirLive IP Cameras
Support Smartphone * Tethering to share 3G bandwidth
QoS Bandwidth, Web HDD, Internet Scheduling
IPv6, SNMP, Static Route, RIP, PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
N.Power N.Power N.Power Specification
Hi-Power Wireless-b/g/n PoE AP Router
Hi-Power Wireless-N AP Router
20dBm EU Version
Up to 10 times More Coverage
Adjustable Output Power, 12V Passive PoE Port
PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
AP, Router, Client, Bridge, Repeater Multi-mode
1T1R Wireless-b/g/n Wireless Standard
Multiple SSID and Bandwidth Control
1 x USB 2.0 Port for FTP File Sharing
Anonymous and Account FTP Server
N.Plug N.Plug N.Plug Specification
Wireless-b/g/n Multi-Function Wireless Repeater
Expand the wireless coverage of your existing WiFi network
Hardware Mode Selector Switch
AP, Router, Repeater modes
Repeating Router function for sharing remote wireless Internet
Support Broadband or 3G* Internet Sharing Plug directly to the wall socket
Detachable Antenna
WPS Push Button for Zero Configuration
Plug directly to wall socket
GW-300NAS GW-300NAS GW-300NAS Specification
Wireless 2T2R 300Mbps Giga NAS Router
Support BT HTTP FTP Emule Downloader
Support 20K session Fast P2P Connection
Green Router Auto Adjust Power
Support 2T2R 300Mbps Wireless Connection
Supports QOS and Web Site Blocking
WN-350R WN-350R WN-350R Specification
Wireless b/g/n 300 Mbps AP Router
2T2R Data Stream
Fully Compatibility with Turbo-G and Wireless-G
Hardware WPS Push Button Support
Support Multiple Wireless Mode
Supports QOS and Web Site Blocking
Supports Multi-Game Mode
Wireless Multi-Mode
AP, Router, Repeater, WDS, Client Modes
PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
WN-220R WN-220R WN-220R Specification
150Mbps SOHO Wireless Router
1T1R Data Stream
Hardware WPS Push Button Support, Detachable R-SMA Antenna
Support Multiple Wireless Mode
Universal Repeater function
Supports Packet Filter and Web Site Blocking
Compatible with AirLive Wireless IP Camera
Green WLAN for Smart Power Saving
Support Easy Setup Wizard
PPTP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
IP-1000R v2
IP-1000R v2 IP-1000R v2 IP-1000R v2 Specification
Broadband Router
4 ports Broadband Router
Ultra Fast Routing Speed
Setup Wizard for simple installation
Schedule Firewall with SPI function
Intruder Protection Firewall
  WAI-101 v2  
  WAI-101 v2  
  10dBi Rubber Dipole Antenna  
  Improve your wireless signal indoor  
  Live-5F v2  
  Live-5F v2  
  5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch  
  The Live-5F is a 5-port fast Ethernet switch enclosed in a mini and stylish housing.  
  3-Megapixel 25 meter Wide Angle IR Bullet Type IPCAM  
  3MP sensor, 2.6mm Wide Angle Lens, IP66 waterproof housing and cable through Bracket  
  3-Megapixel 25 meter Wide Angle IR Bullet Type IPCAM with Video Analytics  
  3MP sensor, 2.6mm Wide Angle Lens, IP66 waterproof housing and cable through Bracket  
  2-Megapixel Outdoor IR Nightvision Bullet IP Camera  
  4mm High Quality Lens with IP66 Weather Proof Housing  
  3-Megapixel IR NightVision Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM  
  2.6mm Wide Angle Lens and IP66 waterproof  
  3-Megapixel IR NightVision Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM with Video Analytics  
  2.6mm Wide Angle Lens, IP66 Waterproof and Built-in Video Analytic Equipped  
  3-MegaPixel Outdoor 25 meter IR IPCAM  
  3-Mega Pixel PoE IP Camera with IP66 Housing and Better Video Quality in Night Mode  
  CamPro Mobile  
  CamPro Mobile  
  Live Viewing on iOS and Android Mobile Devices  
  Smart Tracking Software License for SD-2020  
  Intelligence Video Application and Automatically Track Moving Object Software  
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