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WL-5460AP v2
WL-5460AP v2
WL-5460AP v2



WL-5460AP v2


802.11g Multi-function Wireless Access Point

802.11g Multi-function Wireless Access Point
2 x 10/100Mbps ports, 2MB Flash, 16MB SDRAM
Up to 26dBm power(South America) and R-SMA antenna connector
7 Wireless Operation Modes
Bandwidth Control and Antenna Alignment Signal Survey
Client Isolation, Watchdog, and Tx Power Regulation
he AirLive WL-5460AP is the world's most popular multi-function 802.11b/g Access Point that operates in 2.4GHz frequency bands.  It features incredible 8 wireless operation modes for all types of wireless operations.

7 Mode Wireless

The WL-5460AP v2 features an incredible 7-mode firmware.

AP Mode : The WL-5460AP v2 is the central hub for all your wireless devices.

Bridge Mode : To connect 2 LANs together wirelessly.
Client Mode : Turn the WL-5460AP v2 into a wireless card so you can connect with remote AP.
WDS Repeater : To increase the wireless coverage of a WDS enabled AP/Router
Universal Repeater : AirLive's unique universal repeater function let the WL-5460AP v2  extend the coverage of your AP/Router, even if your AP/Router doesn't have WDS function!
WISP Router : The WISP mode is similar to Client Mode. IP sharing function is added so you can share the WISP connection with many PCs.
WISP+Universal Repeater : The WISP+Universal Repeater mode let you share WISP connection on both wireless and wired side.
AP Router : The WL-5460AP is working as a wireless router.  The LAN2 will become the WAN port.
Wireless Client Isolation

The WL-5460AP v2 features the new Wireless Client Isolation function previous available only in more expensive APs. When you enable this function, the wireless clients will not be able to see each other. Therefore, it is an important function for office and Hotspot operator to protect the security between different wireless users.

ACK Timeout and TX Power Regulation

The WL-5460AP v2 features ACK timeout function to let you adjust the timeout value for long distance operation. In addition, 5-level TX power adjustment let you match different antennas for law compliance. The ability to set lower TX output power is also crucial if you want to match the AP with external power amplifier.

Extended Security Features

The WL-5460AP v2 support WEP, WPA and WPA2 security functions. In addition, WPA enterprise for 802.1x authenticator are featured for AP and WDS mode. The combination of Encryption, Hide SSID and Access Control ensures your wireless network is completely secured from intruder.

Whether it's for office or home environment, the AirLive 802.11g family bring you the maximum performance and security for today's high speed wireless network.

*Before configuring TX power regulation, please clean the cookies on your PC first.
Application Diagram

Software & Firmware

  Description Details Date
  • ETSI firmware, Airlive WL-5460APv2_e19 Details 2013/05/09
  • SA firmware, Airlive WL-5460APv2_e19 Details 2013/05/09
  • WL-5460AP v2, EU Firmware version e19_b3, Add Disable NAT and Wireless Client Limit functions, Details 2011/08/22
  • WL-5460AP v2, AirLive WL-5460AP firmware version v. (13 channels)., For WL-5460AP only, password change to airlive Details 2006/08/22
WL-5460AP v2 faq
WL-5460AP v2 download
WL-5460AP v2 download
WL-5460AP v2 QIG
WL-5460AP v2 QIG
WL-5460AP v2 Spec Sheets
WL-5460AP v2 Spec Sheets
WL-5460AP v2 User's Guide
WL-5460AP v2 User's Guide
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