WAE-140PA v2
WAE-140PA v2

WAE-140PA v2

14dBi Outdoor Patch Antenna

Feature Summary
  • 14dBi Outdoor Patch Antenna
  • Female N-Type Connector
  • Outdoor Bridge Use
Weather Resistant Antenna
The WAE-140PAV2 is a 14dBi wireless antenna constructed of weather resistant material. The directional (horizontal 30 degree, vertical 30 degree) characteristic allow the antenna to focus its signal for longer distance. It is very suitable for outdoor point-to-point bridge use. The new color and texture blends your antenna into your building outer wall.
Focus AP's signal for longer distance
Wireless signal loses a majority of its strength when penetrating a concrete wall. Therefore, indoor AP has difficulty to makes its signal available outside of the building. The WAE-140PAV2 allows your AP's antenna to extend outside, mounting on a rooftop or outside wall. Furthermore, patch antenna focus the antenna signal in a particular direction to allow secure signal transmission over longer distance. This is essential for outdoor point-to-pint bridge use. The antenna comes with 20cm pigtail cable with female N-Type connector to connect with outdoor AP. To connect with indoor AP's reversed-SMA connector, a RG316-SNF adapter cable and RG213-SNN cable is required.
Connector type
Female N-Type
Recommended adapter and cable
RG-213-SNN cable required for connection with outdoor AP
RG316-SNM cable required for short connection(30cm) with indoor AP
RG316-SNF and SG213-SNN required for longer distance(>30cm) with indoor AP
Frequency range
50 Ohms nominal
1.5 or smaller
30 degree horizontal, 30 degree vertical
Element: Aluminum and Brass
Radome: ABS
Operating: -20 to +70 degree C
Storage: -30 to +80 degree C
Product Weight (g)
Product Size ( L x W x H (mm) )
210 x 210 x 23 mm

WAE-140PA v2 14dBi Outdoor Patch Antenna
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
WAE-140PA v2 4719869614346 14719869614343
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 255 x 235 x 90 mm
Package Weight 1.1 kg
Package Content
Carton Package
Quantity 10
Dimensions 48 x 52 x 25 cm
Weight 12.55 kg