Wireless Skype Phone

Feature Summary
  • Wireless Skype Phone
  • Includes Handset and Dongle
  • Bluetooth Class 1 for Long Distance
  • Backlit Blue LCD Display
  • Contact List, Call History, Address Book
  • Li-Polymer Battery Provides 60 hr standby time
re you still staying in front of your computer to talk Skype VoIP? From now, stop using those annoying wired USB phones that require you to stay with your PC; or the Bluetooth earsets that can only receive calls. What you need is an easy-to-use Skype handset that gives you complete control over Skype wirelessly. AirLive Skyphone-1000 is your perfect choice.
Complete Control over Skype
The Skyphone-1000 is a complete wireless Skype solution that includes an USB dongle and a Handset. Simply plug in the USB dongle into your PC and install the utility. Then the Skyphone-1000 will take complete control over your Skype phone calls. The stylish handset is equipped with a large blue color backlit LCD that can display Contact List, Incoming Number, Address book, Call History, Signal Strength, Battery life......... just like the functions on a mobile phone. It supports 13 different languages on display. You can even choose different Ring Tones for different groups. Furthermore, the keypad are completely customized to Skype so that one press will bring you all the major Skype functions. You will never have to go in front of your PC again to control any Skype functions.
Extra Long Battery Life
The Skyphone-1000 is equipped with high capacity Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. When in use with advanced power saving modes, the handset can last up to one week of standby time. Unlike other vendor that uses NiMH batteries which have memory effects problems. The Lithium-Polymer battery offers memory-free recharging and much longer battery life.
Stable Voice Quality

The Skyphone-1000 uses frequency hopping wireless technology and advanced Echo cancellation technique to provide high voice quality. Up to 7 pairs of Skyphones can be used in the same location. The wireless distance can last up to 15 meter indoor and 30 meter outdoor.

Light Weight Ergonomic

The Skyphone-1000S weights in only at 89g; therefore, it is much lighter to use for long period comparing to DECT Phone solutions. The handset are ergonomically shaped with soft contours to fit in your hand. This is one phone you can use comfortably for long hours .

Comparing to WiFi Skype phones, the Skyphone-1000 is much easier to install and support all current/future versions of Skype. It is truly a must have product if you uses Skype or other PC-base VoIP services**

* Skype is a registered trademark of Skype Technologies SA
** Works as a MIC/Headset only for other messenger services.
Wireless Dongle + Handset all inclusive
Blue Backlit LCD Display
Compatible with VoIP solution such as Skype
USB PnP, Meet USB audio class driver and HID class
Supports hot-keys, setting personal ring type, phone book, volume adjustable
and mute function
Buzzer function and 10 types of rings for incoming call alerts, 5 types of hold  music
LCD to display caller ID, contact list and calling list
USB 1.1 compliant (USB B type female connector)
USB PnP, Meet USB audio class driver and HID class
2.4GHz Bluetooth Class1 Wireless (*only works with the included dongle)
Supports frequency hopping on 79 channels
Up to seven simultaneous connections within effective range
Up to 15 meter indoor and 30 meter outdoor distance
RSSI : -35 to -80 dBm
RF interface baud rate 1Mbps transmit & receive
Profile Support : headset, handfree , serial port(SPP),
Generic Access Profile(GAP), and Service, Discovery Profile (SDP)
Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH), support for Bluetooth + Wi-Fi co-existence
Sensitivity: - 40 +/- 2 dB
Directivity: Onmi directional
Response Frequency: 20 ~ 20K Hz
Size: 13mm
Response Frequency: 300 ~ 3.4K Hz
Output Impedance: 150 ohm
LCD Display
Transflective FSTN Display
Resolution: 128 x 32
Size: 31mm x 20mm
Lithium Polymer
850 mAH
Rechargeable via USB
Up to 100HR Standby/ 8 HR talk time
Supported Languages
English, German, Italian, Portugese, Spainish, French, Dutch, Polish,Swedish,Finland, Norway, Chinese, Japanese
Echo Cancellation
Toll quality (8KHz, 16bit voice)
CVSD encode/decode for voice bits stream passing through host
Support OS
Windows 2000
Windows XP
0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
Product Weight (g)
Product Size ( L x W x H (mm) )
125 x 45 x 22 mm

Software & Firmware

  • Skyphone-1000 (beta version), Details 2007/08/17


  • My skyphone-1000 isn't turned off and always shows "can't find Skype", but I am able to talk over Skype with it. Details
  • The Skyphone-1000 symbol in a show crossed and written "Can't find Skype" when the Skype program is running. Details
  • I cannot use the Skyphone-1000 because the LCD always show the "charging." But I always link the phone to an USB port via enclosed wire. I had reboot pc and reinstall, clean the registry and change the USB port, but no used! Details
  • How long Skyphone-1000 could be used when full power? How long to be fully charged when battery of Skyphone-1000 is empty? Details
  • I had installed the Skyphone-1000 on my computer (windows XP) but there is no voice when I make or receive Skype calls. Details
  • Why Skyphone-1000's LCD off and not to work? The LCD not showing the usual message "charging" , I had reboot PC, disinstalled, cleaned the register, and reinstalled the software, also change the USB port of wire linked to the skyphone-100, but not thing happed? Details
  • I had use Skyphone-1000 and install new Vista driver in to Windows Vista. I can use the handset to make/receive Skype call but no sound? The Skype software also response no detect voice? Details
Skyphone-1000 Wireless Skype Phone
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
Skyphone-1000 4719869613684 14719869613681
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 205 x 151 x 40 mm
Package Weight 0.25 kg
Package Content Skyphone-1000, CD-ROM,QIG, Handset,dongo,Holder, USB cable,warranty card
Carton Package
Quantity 40
Dimensions 54 x 37 x 28.5 cm
Weight 14.4 kg