Network Surge Protector

Feature Summary
  • Protect the Ethernet port from electrical surge
  • Protect the PoE port from lightning induced surge
  • For Outdoor AP/CPE and IP Cameras
  • Cast Aluminum Construction
  • RJ-45 Connectors on both side
  • Support 10/100/1000Mbps speed
  • Low shunt capacitance to reduce signal loss
Do you worry about the IP surveillance system or outdoor wireless equipments got the damage from the suddenly surging? Right now, the AirLive SP-100E is a Network Surge Protector that protects the Ethernet or PoE port from high voltage and hazardous lightning strike events*. Simply connect the SP-100E in between your device’s Ethernet/PoE port and the remote RJ-45 port. Then ground the built-in ground cable**, then your SP-100E is ready for protection up to 5KA of surge.
The AirLive SP-100E provides completed protection to each of the data pairs in an easy-to-use, in-line design. You just need to attached SP-100E to an Ethernet network easily on your own, and the device gets the great protection.
* The SP-100E works as a fuse to protect your equipment from electrical up to 5KV. However, if the electrical surge is over 5KV, the device will possibly burn out. Therefore, there is no warranty for the SP-100E.
* The green cable must be grounded for the protection to work.
Operating Voltage
Data 5V PoE 48V
Clamping Voltage
Max. Surge Discharge Current
5KA (8/20uS)
Peak Pulse Current
100A (10/1000uS)
Pin Protected
All 8 pin protected
Protection Mode
Differential & Common mode
Insulation Impedance
>1000M Ohm
Max. Shut Capacitance
Data Rate
10/100/1000 Mbps
Impulse protected Voltage
Response Time
<5 nS
Operating Temperature
-20 ~+60 Degree C
Storage Temperature
-40+80 Degree C
Operating Humidify
0~95% (Non-Condensing)
Ground Lug wire
14 AWG
88 x 25.4 x 25.4 mm (Main Body)
88 g
User Guide

SP-100E Network Surge Protector
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
SP-100E 4719869616586 14719869616583
Standard Package
Package Type
Package Size
Package Weight
Package Content SP-100E, QIG
Carton Package
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