24 Port Gigabit with 4 UTP/SFP combo 802.3AT Device Guard Web Smart Switch

Feature Summary
  • 20-Port 10/100/1000Mbps + 4-port combo UTP / (100M/1000M)SFP
  • 24-Port PoE 802.3at/af standards ports
  • Full Power 370Watt Built-In Power Supply
  • Web smart features provide easier manageability, security and QoS
  • Supports Device Guard Function
  • Supports broadcast storm filtering
  • Supports IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard
  • Supply Power to 802.3at/af PoE IP Cameras and APs v through RJ-45 Cables
The POE-GSH2004L-370 is a 20+4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web Smart PoE Switch. It can automatically detect the presence of an 802.3at/af compliant powered device (PD) and provide power through the port. The switch provides up 30W per PoE port and can be used to power AP, IP phone, IP Cam and other PD devices.
Device Guard Function
After enable and set up the Device Guard function, the switch can monitor PoE IP Cameras and Access Points for activities. When a device crashes and not responding, it will reboot the device automatically. It keeps your wireless and IP camera network running smoothly without the need to send expensive technician for service.
Web management
Through the Web browser, you can configure POE-GSH2004L-370 such as System Information, Ports Configuration, VLAN setting, Aggregation, QoS setting, RSTP, IGMP Snooping, Mirroring, SNMP, Loop Detection, Broadcast Strom, configuration/ backup/recovery, log out. We also provide another way to control your POE-GSH2004L-370. With the attached Web management Utility, you can easily discover all the Web Management Switch, assigning the IP address, changing the password and upgrading the new firmware. Furthermore, with displaying PoE Status via WebUI, you can easily monitor power consumption of Switch, control power limitation of port to the powered devices, and enable or disable the PoE function of the selected port.
IEEE 802.3 10BaseT
IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T
IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
IEEE 802.3at Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
IEEE 802.1q VLAN (Port Based and Tag Based)
IEEE 802.1p Class of Service, Priority Protocols
IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
Number of Port : 24 (4 UTP/SFP combo Port)
Number of PoE Port: 24
MAC Address: 8K
Buffer Memory: Embedded 512 K Bytes frame buffer
Jumbo frames: 9KB
Transmission Method: Store and Forward
  - Static trunk (Link Aggregation)
  - Up to 12 groups
  - Up to 24 ports per group
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  - Standard Spanning Tree 802.1d
  - Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) 802.1w
  - Support up to 16 VLANs simultaneously (out of 4096 VLAN IDs)
  - 802.1Q tag-based VLAN
  - Port-based VLAN
  - Port Isolation
  - Management VLAN
IGMP v1/v2 Snooping:
  - Supports 64 multicast groups (source-specific multicasting is also supported)
Port mirroring
  - Supports 64 multicast groups (source-specific multicasting is also supported)
Loop detection
  - Supports 64 multicast groups (source-specific multicasting is also supported)
Broadcast Storm protection
  - Supports 64 multicast groups (source-specific multicasting is also supported)
Quality of Service(QoS)
  - 8 hardware queues
  - Scheduling
  - Strict priority
  - Queue assignment based on DSCP and class of service (802.1p/ CoS)
  - SNMP version1, 2c with support for traps
Reset Button
  - SNMP version1, 2c with support for traps
Filtering/Forwarding Rates
1000Mbps port - 1,488,000pps
100Mbps port - 148,800pps
10Mbps port - 14,880pps
Transmission Media
10BaseT Cat. 3, 4, 5, 6 UTP/STP
100BaseTX Cat. 5, 6 UTP/STP
1000BaseT Cat. 5, 6 UTP/STP
Led Indicators
Per Port UTP: Link/Act, Speed, PoE Status
Per Port SFP: Link/Act, Speed
Per Unit: Power
Power Input
100-240 VAC 50~60 Hz, internal , universal
Power Output
54V/DC Per Port Output – 30 W Max Per Port
Total PoE Output 370 W
Power Consumption
PoE= 367.2W (Full loading with PD connect) ;
System= 17.41W (Full loading without PD)
442 (W)x 44 (H) x 211.2 (D) mm
3.6 Kg

Software & Firmware

  • PoE-GSH2004L-370 v1.58 Details 2016/08/12
  • POE-GSH2004L-370, Firmware V1.39, the main added Device Guard function and remove SNMP function. Details 2014/02/20
  • POE-GSH2004L-370, Firmware V1.18, initial released Details 2014/02/20


  • How can I use Device Guard Function on POE-GSH2004L-370? Details
  • How to Enable 802.3"AT" exactly on POE-GSH2004L-370? Details
POE-GSH2004L-370 20-Port Gigabit + 4-Port UTP/SFP Combo Active PoE Web Smart Switch
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
POE-GSH2004L-370 4719869617149 14719869617146
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 52.3*30*9 cm
Package Weight 4.340 kg
Package Content POE-GSH2004L-370, Power Cord, Mounting Kit, CD, QIG
Optional Accessories
SP-100E Network Surge Protector
Carton Package
Quantity 5
Dimensions 53*52*35 cm
Weight 23.29 kg