300Mbps Wireless-N MIMO Mini-AP / Wireless Converter

Feature Summary
  • 300Mbps Wireless-N Mini-AP
  • 2T2R MIMO 11b/g/n Rádio
  • AP 300Mbps mais Pequeno do Mundo
  • WPS Botão pressão de Configuração Zero
  • Hardware Wireless Modo Switch
  • Modos AP, Cliente, e Router
  • Conecte sua Consola Jogos, Reprodutor Media, e IPTV na Internet
  • Instalação Simples. Não necessita software de configuração
  • Conversor Wireless para IPTV
  • PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
he N.MINI is a showcase of AirLive's continuous innovation in the wireless networking.  At the size that can fit into palm of your hand, it packs 300Mbps speed with the same coverage as your regular router. Yet, it consumes only 25% of the power comparing to the regular AP.  It is a technology marvel that opens whole new possibilities for consumer applications.
The world's Smallest 300Mbps AP
Measuring at 7.5cm by 5.4cm, the N.MINI is the world's smallest Access Point that runs at 300Mbps speed. Despite of its smallest size, it features 2T2R MIMO 11b/g/n Radio with the same coverage as a full size MIMO access point.  Its tiny size makes it ideal to build wireless network without intrusion to your home decoration.
Multi-Function and Zero Configurations
The N.MINI can switch between AP Client, and Router modes using the hardware selection switch in the back. By using the WPS push button, you can establish secured wireless network instantly between 2 N.MINI.   There is no need to use software configuration, it requires no networking knowledge to setup the connection.
Mini-AP for Business Traveler
The N.MINI is a handy tool that every business traveler can’t live without. Whether the hotel you stay at is using wired or wireless internet, the N.MINI can let you share the connection wirelessly with your notebooks, smartphone, and tablet PCs…using just one Internet account.
Connect Electronic Appliances to Wireless Internet
The N.MINIs zero configuration and 300mbps speed makes it the ideal device to connect your home appliances to Internet.   If your IPTV, game console, or Media player are far away from the network connections; the N.MINI is the device of choice to link them to the Internet wirelessly.
80 Percent Less Power Consumption 
The N.MINI is a Green AP that consume up to 80% less electricity comparing to normal routers. Even under prolong usage, the N.MINI stays cool to the touch. The AP also comes with wireless scheduling function to turn on the wireless connection only at certain time. This function is also welcome by parents to control the Internet access for their children.
Wireless Converter for Network Equipped LCD TV
Most LCD TV nowadays are equipped with a wired Ethernet port for connection with Internet TV. However, the Internet connection is usually no where nearby the LCD TV. Instead of running a long cable to your router, you can simply use the N.MINI to convert the LCD TV to wireless. The connection between 2 N.MINIs requires zero configuration that makes the process very simple. Better yet, the 300Mbps radios ensure stable image quality. Moreover, the N.MINI is so small that you can simply attach to the back of your TV completely out of sight.
Wireless Standard

802.11b/g/n 2T2R 300Mbps

CPU Clock Speed 400MHz
Antennas Internal MIMO Antennas
Ethernet Port 1 x 10/100Mbps LAN/WAN
Data Rate 11n: 300Mbps, 11b: 11Mbps, 11g: 54Mbps
Tx Output Power 11b: 17.5dBm, 11n:13.5dBm, 11g: 13.5dBm
Broadband Support Dynamic IP
Static IP
Static DHCP Leases Table
DHCP Server Support
Wireless Modes AP, Client, Router modes via Hardware Selector
AP, Client, Router, Universal Repeater, WDS, WDS+AP, WISP, WISP+AP modes
Broadband Support Dynamic IP
Static IP
Static DHCP Leases Table
DHCP Server Support
Software Functions Multiple SSID
WDS Repeater
Tx Output Adjustment
Wireless Schedule
Rate Adjustment
Access Control
Port Forwarding
 PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-Through
   Temperature   Operating: -15 - 55°C (5 - 131°F)
Power Consumption Less than 1W Standby
2W maximum
Power Adapter 5V, 1A
Dimension 75 x 54 x 18 mm


Software & Firmware

  • N.mini_v74. Details 2013/05/07
  • N.MINI, Firmware version b10, modify the Site Survey function of WISP mode. Details 2012/03/28
  • N.MINI, v74., Add WISP、WISP+Universal Repeater modes and NTP function. Details 2011/08/31
  • N.MINI, v74., Add wireless client limit function, Release Note. Details 2011/08/24


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Model No.
AirLive N.MINI 300Mbps Wireless-N Mini-AP, ETSI
300Mbps Wireless-N Mini-AP, FCC
EAN Code
13 Code
14 Code
Included Accessories
Package content: N.MINI, CD-ROM, Quick Setup Guide, 5V Power adapter, RJ-45 Cable
Standard Package
Package Type:


Package Size  18.4*17.3*4.5 cm
Package Weight  272 g
Carton Packaging
Quantity (units / per carton) 20
Dimensions 47.5*39*21 cm 
Weight 6.63 kg