3.5'' Network Multimedia Player

Feature Summary
  • 3.5 polegadas Leitor Multimedia de Rede
  • Leitor Video de Rede
  • Saída Audio e Video
  • Reproduz video directamente do HD
  • Partilha Servidor Ficheiros
  • USB Slave para trabalhar como um drive USB
  • Função de bloqueamento para crianças
  • Um-Toque-Backup
The MU-7000AVs is a Multimedia Network hard drive that can playback video and share files. Connect MU-7000AV directly to your TV, then you can download video and audio files directly. Just turn on the MU-7000AVs and use the included remote control, you can watch video and music files directly on your TV. No more need to burn expensive DVD disk! The MU-7000AV not only support video files, you can also play back pictures and music files on your TV.
Multimedia Files Direct to your TV
The MU-7000AVs is a compact & excellent quality portable multimedia player. It gives you freedom to playback all of your favorite video and audio files anywhere you go - at home, in the hotel room, in the office. It supports various video formats such as AVI (DivX, XviD), DAT, MPG, VOB etc. Apart from that, it can be used as a multimedia player, MP3 player or photo slider in your living room.
No More Burning DVD
Set your PC's downloader to download video files directly to the MU-7000AVs. Once the download is completed, just turn on your TV and play back the video files directly from MU-7000AV. Whether it's an AVI, DivX, Xvid, DAT, MPG, VOB, or even Photo file format; the MU-7000AV can play them back on your TV with very high quality. MU-7000AV can save you from burning DVD again.
Share HDD Content
The MU-7000AVs is a wired multimedia server with one 3.5" Hard Drive bay and a USB 2.0 port. Therefore, you can install any 3.5" SATA or IDE Hard Drive and share it instantly on the network. Users can use My Network Place to access the Hard Drive. You can even set it as a network Drive.
USB 2.0 Port
The MU-7000AVs has a built-in USB 2.0 slave port to connect with your PC directly. Once it is connected, the MU-7000AV will appears as a USB storage to your PC. Therefore, you can download large files at faster speed through USB connection when necessary.
Kid's Lock Function
This function acts as a parental control agent. It will lock the hard drive partition; if there are files on your hard disk that you do not wish your children to access. You can simply setup the password to prevent unauthorized access. You cannot enter the partition unless you enter the correct password.
* This device does not have wireless function.
* Hard Drive enclosure only, Hard Drive not included.
* This device does not have BitTorrent, HTTP, or FTP download agent.
3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure
IDE Interface (MU-7000AVi)
SATA & IDE Interface (MU-7000AVs)
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Video Connecter
Audio Connecter
USB 2.0 Slave connecter
One Touch Backup Button
File system
TV mode: FAT16/32
Network Mode: FAT16/32, NTFS
USB mode: FAT16/32, NTFS
Media file format support
Video format
  - MPEG-4(AVI,Divx,Xvid V5.0 below)
Audio format
  - MP3
  - Sound effect settings (normal/pop/jazz/rock/ball/classic)
Photo format
  - JPG baseline and progressive up to 8 mega pixel
  - Motion JPEG
Subtitle format support
Languages supported
Standard: English/Traditional Chinese
Optional: Simple Chinese/Korean/Japanese/French
Kids-Lock function
Easily OSD for password management to prevent unauthorized person to access
Network Function
A unique hardware ID and access key-code allows specifying right of read or write access
The drive is invisible and safe from external hackers without TCP/IP
USB Storage function
Typical USB 2.0 storage device
TV mode
  - Video: NTSC/PAL(720:480/720:576)
  - Composite Video, S-Video(720p), YUV output, CCIR656/601 YUV 4:2:2 output
Audio: Dual Stereo Analog Audio
Front Panel Control
  - Up/Down/Left/Right/OK/Power/Menu buttons
Network mode
  - Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X, 1 port (RJ-45)
USB mode
  - USB 2.0 high speed interface (USB1.1 backwards compatible)
System Requirement
Network Mode
  - WindowsR 98SE / 2000 / XP
  - 233 MHz PentiumR II equivalent or higher 64 MB RAM (128 MB  recommended) USB 1.1 Port (USB 2.0 recommended) CD-ROM drive  for installation 100Base-T full duplex switch
USB mode
  - Windows 98SE, Win2000, WinME, WinXP
Power Supply
Input: AC100-240V, 0.6A, 50/60Hz
Output: DC +5V/1.5A, +12V/1.8A
  - USB 2.0 Cable (AM to BM) x 1
  - Network Cable x 1
  - Video cable (AV+S video) x 1
  - Audio cable x 1
Quick Guide x 1
Remote Control x 1
Power adapter x 1
Installation CD
Operating: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
Product Weight (g)
500 g

Software & Firmware

  • MU-7000AVs, support windows vista driver and firmware Details 2009/09/15
  • MU-7000Avs Firmware V3.3.3.1 Support Greek Subtitle, Details 2008/06/27
  • MU-7000Avs Firmware V3.3.2.5 Support NTFS format, Details 2008/05/05
  • MU-7000AVi NDAS Mac Driver, Details 2007/11/28
  • MU-7000Avs MiniSan windows vista utility, Details 2007/11/27
  • MU-7000Avs Firmware for Czech, Details 2007/11/27
  • MU-7000AVs Firmware, (support AC3 format) Details 2007/11/27
  • MU-7000AVi Firmware, (Support Windows Vista) Details 2007/11/23
  • MU-7000AVi Firmware, (Support English , Japan , Korean , Latin , Polish , Simple Chinese ,Traditional Chinese ) Details 2006/06/01


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MU-7000AVi 3.5" Multimedia Player HD, IDE interface
MU-7000AVs 3.5" Multimedia Player HD, SATA & IDE interface
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
MU-7000AVi 4719869613998 14719869613995
MU-7000AVs 4719869614438 14719869614435
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 280 x 245 x 70 mm
Package Weight 1.28 kg
Package Content MU-7000AV, Power adapter, CD-ROM, QIG, RJ-45 Cable x 1, Wall mount kit, Audio line x 1, Video line x 1
Carton Package
Quantity 10
Dimensions 52 x 31 x 37.2 cm
Weight 13.53 kg