CamPro Professional
CamPro Professional
CamPro Professional

CamPro Professional

Professional Intelligent Video Surveillance Software

Feature Summary
  • 64-Channel Intelligent IP Surveillance Software
  • Support multi-stream profiles for full frame rate 64-ch Live View
  • Camera Tempering Detection
  • Object Loss Detection and Foreign Object Detection
  • Object Counting and Face Counting
  • Tripwire Smart Detection
  • Image Enhancement
  • Post of Sales (POS) even Supported
  • Free Bundled CMS Software to Central Manage up to 256 Channels of NVR and CamPro Professional Installations
  • USB Keypro Licensing
  • Compatible with Most Cameras in the Market
The CamPro Professional is AirLive’s intelligent video surveillance recording software that is designed to meet most demands for professional installations. The Professional version greatly enhances the video analysis functions that can be applied to diverse surveillance scenarios. Bases on client/server architecture, CamPro Professional also offers remote management, which means you can install it in your server room and access the system anywhere.
With the bundled CMS software, you can quickly build-up central managed surveillance structure for franchise stores and central-branch office networks. Moreover, the CMS software also supports AirLive’s hardware NVR family.
CamPro Professional supports not only AirLive IP camera, but also cameras from most of the main stream brands. In an installation project where a hybrid environment occurs, CamPro Professional can easy help you to integrate most of those existing IP cameras. Even projects with CCTV cameras, you can still use our VS-100 for integrating them into CamPro Professional.
Intelligent Video Analysis
CamPro Professional provides several kinds of intelligent video analysis functions that will help you to save your human power and reach the goal of automatic surveillance.
Tampering Detection
The tampering detection function will provide alarm when your IP camera is under attack. For example, if the intruder tries to move the IP camera to the other side, the CamPro Professional will recognize the attack and send out the alarm on the screen or via digital output devices.
Object Loss Detection
Object Loss Detection can be used to safe guard a piece of art or important objects. After users set the area for guarding, the system will send an alert or alarm if the object is missing. It offers the second line of defense
Foreign Object Detection
Foreign object detection will automatically find out if there are some objects suddenly appeared in the viewing field of the camera. It is suited to safeguard public areas like metro station, city hall or airport from potential explosives. When some suspicious objects stay in front of the camera, the CamPro Professional will post a warning for reminding the security guard
Tripwire Detection
Trip Wires are image lines that are drawn for protection. When an object moves across the line, the system will send alarm. It can be set to detect one direction or both directions. It is useful to protect walls, railroad platform, or parking lot entrance.
* Detect objects crossing the wall
* Detect cars entering the wrong direction

Object Counting
Object Counting let store owners to calculate the number of customers in and out of the stores. You can choose one direction or both direction for counting. The number can be display on screen and saved to a database file. It is also useful to calculate the amount of traffic flow on the high way.
* Detekce narušitele překonávajícího zeď
* Detekce vozidla projíždějícího opačným směrem

Face Detection
For marketing people, to get the information about their target customer is very important. In this scenario, they can utilize the face detection function, which will collect the information about human face in front of the camera such as the number of the customers stayed before their billboard.
Image Enhancement
With this function, you can improve the image quality in a foggy or raining day. It can be apply during recording or viewing.
CMS Software
The bundled CMS software can support both CamPro Professional and NVR. It adds scalability to the existing NVR and also provides advance functions such as multi-monitor display, E-Map Monitor and intelligent video analytics. It can support up to 16 NVRs, Including CamPro Profession software NVR, and 256 channels totally. It also supports remote playback function for accessing the video file store on the remote NVR. CMS with the CamPro Professional and NVR are the ideal solution for large scale surveillance project.
Client-Server Architecture
The Client-Server Architecture allows you to configure your Campro Professional and view the videos from other computers in your local network or through the Internet. Up to 9 clients can be supported simultaneously.
Large Camera Support List
Other than AirLive’s IP Cameras, CamPro Professional also supports more than 25 brands of IP cameras in the main stream market. Even for old CCTV systems, you can just use our VS-100 as the video encoder and integrate those analog cameras to the IP networks.
Camera Supprot 
Max Channel
  • 64
Support Brand
  • AirLive, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, AVTech, Canon, ACTi, D-Link, Vivotek, Toshiba, Abus, Arecont, Etrovision, Mobotix, A-Linking, Brickcom, IQInvision, Hunt, Pixord, HiKVision, Dynacolor, Sanyo, FlexWatch, Compro, CNB
Support Language
  • Czech, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Traditonal Chinese, Turkish
  • MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264
Support Resolution
  • Up to 5 MegaPixel Resolution
Support FPS
  • Up to 30
Two-Way Audio
  • Yes
  • G.726, G.711
Live View 
Multi-Monitor Live View
  • Up to 5 Monitor can be used as live view monitor.
Display Mode
  • Live View/E-Map View/Event View/Playback/Full Screen
Split Screen
  • =1/4/6/9/13/16/25/36/64
Full Screen
  • 64 Channel
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/IRIS/Focus/ Speed Control
  • Virtual PTZ Panel
  • Mouse-over-video PTZ
  • Auto Pan
  • Preset Point
  • Digital PTZ
Sequence Mode
  • Sequence All
  • Group by 1/4/6/9/13/16 split
  • Self-define patterns
  • Single
Image Enhancement
  • Tampering Detection/Low Light Compensation/Blur Compensation/Image Quality Improvement
Web Live View 
Display Mode
  • Live View/Playback/Full Screen
Split Screen
  • =1/4/16
Sequence Mode
  • 1/4/16 split view with configurable timer
  • Video snapshot in JPEG format
  • Virtual PTZ Panel/Auto Pan/Preset Point Pan/Tilt/Zoom/IRIS/Focus/Speed Control Digital PTZ
E-Map Layer
  • Unlimite
E-Map Monitor
  • Pop-Up Event Video on E-Map
Multiple Directory
  • Yes
  • Video Database Backup/Export to AVI
Export to AVI
  • Yes
Split Screen
  • =1/4/9
Search Methods
  • By Date or Event
Event Search
  • All/Time/Channel/Event Type/Event ID
Playback Controls
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Forward/Reverse/Step/Event By Event
Remote Playback
  • Playback videos from remote client
Event Detection
  • Motion/Digital Input/Camera Tempering/Object Loss/Tripwire/Object Counting/Foreign Object/Face Counting
Event Notifications
  • On-Screen Alert/On-screen Motion Dis-play/Mail/FTP/Configurable Alert Sound/Record
User Management 
  • User/Group
  • Unlimited
  • Live View/Playback/System Configurations/PTZ
Min. Hardware Requirement
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or above
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB or above is recommended
  • HDD: 320GB or above
  • Graphic Card: Independant graphic card with DirectX9.0c or higher
  • Network: 100 Megabit Network Inter-face or above
Min. Software Requirement
  • Windows 2000(SP4), Windows XP SP2,Windows Vista, Windows 2003 server, Windows 7(32 bit,64 bit),IE7 or above

Software & Firmware

  • Cam Pro MediaPlayer Details 2015/07/02
  • Campro Professional v2.0.5.79057 Details 2015/03/20
  • Campro Professional v1.3.7.65661 Details 2013/11/12


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CamPro Professional AirLive Campro Professional- 64ch License
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CamPro Professional 4719869616555 14719869616552
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 145 x 192 x 25 mm
Package Weight 135 g
Package Content CamPro Professional, Installation CD, USB Key, Quick Installation Guide (QIG)
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